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Before using the espresso machine

1. Filling the water tank

Please make sure that there is always enough water in the tank* of the machine! The machine does not tell you when the water tank is empty. If the machine is started without enough water in the tank, it may break! Fill the tank with tap water using an empty water bottle and make sure that no water spills into the machine.

2. Switch on the machine and let it heat up

The espresso machine is not ready for use immediately after it is switched on: it takes about 10 minutes for the machine to heat up and be ready for use. The brew head* is then hot. The cups take a little longer than 10 minutes to get hot. Usually there’s a kitchen towel on the cups so that they heat up more quickly.

This is how it works:

Switch on: Move the toggle switch (left)* up to „ON“.
The indicator on the left* is at 0 when the unit is switched on and increases as it heats up: it is ready for operation when the pointer is at 1.

3. Remove and empty the portafilter

Turn the portafilter* out of the group head by swinging the handle from right to left, knock out coffee grounds in the coffee grounds drawer*, brush out any remaining coffee residue from the filter with the group head cleaning brush*.


There are two portafilters: one with one spout* (for one cup) and one with a double spout* (for two cups). If you compare the inserted sieves*, the one for the double spout is clearly deeper (it holds more coffee powder).

4. Filling the portafilter

The coffee grinder* grinds the coffee beans fresh directly into the portafilter. To switch on, use the toggle switch, located on the right side of the coffee grinder. Place the empty porterfilter straight into the holder of the grinder and press the button once with it. The correct amount of coffee will be ground directly into the sieve. If you use the portafilter with double spout (for 2 espressos), repeat the process. Press the coffee with the tamper* and clean the rim of coffee powder.

Please do not adjust anything on the coffee grinder setting, it is already set appropriately!

5. Engage portafilter, prepare coffee

Screw the portafilter straight into the brew head from left to right until it is engaged/fixed. Place the cup(s) under the spout and start the cycle: To do this, turn the toggle switch (right)* up to the cup symbol. After the desired amount of coffee has been brewed, turn the same switch down to „OFF“ (the machine will not stop until the switch is turned back down manually).


Start the machine quickly after the brewing head has engaged, because as soon as the ground coffee has drawn moisture, there will be no crema!

6. Drainage basin Drawer

Excess water and coffee drops collect below the grille in the machine drawer*. This must be emptied regularly to avoid flooding and mould. To do this, the drawer can be lifted and removed to the front, and emptied and cleaned in the kitchen sink. Warm water, a washing-up brush and washing-up liquid will loosen coffee residues from the bottom of the drawer.

7. Foaming milk

Caution when foaming

The stainless steel jug is getting hot!

Milk is frothed with the nozzle (left)*. Fill the milk jug with the desired amount of cold milk: Caution: the volume increases when heated, so only fill the jug about halfway.

Dip the nozzle into the milk and position the jug on the edge of the machine drawer, holding the jug while frothing. Start the nozzle by turning the valve (top left)* and monitor the temperature. The milk and the jug will heat up quickly.


Always clean the milk nozzle after use! Milk residues are very persistent on the hot nozzle. It is advisable to remove milk residues with a wet sponge cloth immediately after frothing milk and to turn the nozzle up again to spray out milk residues (to do this, tilt the nozzle away from you, inwards over the drawer grille). To remove dried milk residues, the nozzle can be immersed in a glass of water to soak.

8. Hot water

Hot water comes out of the nozzle (right)*. To do this, the valve (top right)* must be turned open.

9. Cleaning the espresso machine

If you have used the machine, cleaning is necessary at the end of your stay at Villa Vosje.

Cleaning is done with the machine switched on, please pay attention: The machine is hot!

1. Remove coffee grounds from the portafilter and coffee grounds drawer

2. The portafilter can then be put in the dishwasher

3. Clean the recess in the brew head with the group head cleaning brush by moving the brush in a circle along the recess. Coffee grounds should fall out

4. Let the espresso machine run for about 10 seconds without the portafilter, please be careful with splashing hot water!!!

5. Remove and clean the drawer of the coffee machine

7. A sponge cloth can be used to remove splash/coffee stains from the housing of the machine, a microfibre cloth can be used to polish it afterwards.

8. You don’t need to worry about regular professional cleaning, we’ll take care of that!