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De Haan & Excursions

A holiday in De Haan can be varied. There is a lot to do and see. You can make trips by bike or car to the city centre or surrounding towns.

De Haan

The municipality of De Haan is located directly on the Belgian North Sea coast in the province of West Flanders. The language spoken is Dutch, in the West Flemish dialect.

Of all the seaside resorts on the Belgian coast, De Haan is the most charming. The „Concessie“ town centre was built in 1889 under King Leopold II. The Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque style villas make it a picturesque place. De Haan is known for beautiful shops and very good gastronomy and is undisputedly one of the finest holiday addresses.

On the beach of De Haan
Beach promenade in De Haan
The Concessie in De Haan
The Concessi: A neighbourhood with houses to fall in love with!

Beach, Sea & Weather

The undeveloped natural beach is another highlight. It stretches over a length of about 12km. It is only 3 minutes by bike from Villa Vosje. The beach can be reached effortlessly, no stairs or dunes to climb. The beach hut with catering and terrace is open seasonally.

In July the North Sea is about 20 degrees, in August it is even over 21! With 213 hours of sunshine, July is the summeriest month in De Haan.

Beach in Vosseslag at high tide
The beach at Vosseslag at high tide

Sports & Recreation

Cycling is a great way to enjoy the flat cycle paths. Popular destinations such as Ostend are within easy reach. Close to the beach and within walking distance of Villa Vosje is the golf course, founded in 1903. There are also mini-golf and tennis courts, as well as riding stables and a swimming pool.

Of course, you can also swim and surf in the North Sea. If you like hiking, you can explore the signposted hiking trails in the wooded dunes of De Haan. The hiking area extends over about 150 hectares.

De Haan offers mini golf courses
Das darf natürlich im Freizeitangebot nicht fehlen!


The harbour town of Ostend, also called the „queen of the seaside resorts“, is a charming seaside resort with a cosmopolitan flair. You can stroll along the dyke, the shopping streets offer many boutiques to stroll through and there are numerous restaurants. A visit to the museum, gambling in the casino or eating ice cream on the beach promenade – there is something for everyone.

Before the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the motorway to Calais, the port of Ostend was one of the most important ferry ports for traffic to England. You can still take the ferry to England from there.

From Vosseslag to Ostend it takes about 15 minutes by car or half an hour by „fiets“.


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